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Eternal Moment

Contemporary paintings inspired by the beauty of nature.

News and Happenings

New work at the 51st Historic Yellow Springs Art Show


Please come to Historic Yellow Springs to see Linda’s latest oil paintings. Yellow Springs is a beautiful community and the show will feature over 200 artists. Now in its 51st year, the exhibit will run April 27th through May 12th, 10-4 daily. Entrance is free!

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Diving into Oil and Cold wax

Oil mixed with cold wax, a beeswax and resin mixture, allows for the buildup of many layers, creating an extraordinary richness, visual depth and beautiful transparency. It is in the building up and then scraping back of these layers that a complex history of experience and meaning emerges that I find very satisfying in my work. I find the process to be a metaphor for living, with all of our experiences informing who we are – unique and perfectly imperfect.

202303 The poetry of you oil and cold wax 24x24_ $2,700.jpeg
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