Contemporary paintings inspired by the beauty of nature.

Thank you for a wonderful time at the Chester County Studio Tour. Please check back in for happenings on Cape Cod this summer!
202013 Surrender to the Tide Oil 8x8%22.

Diving into Oil and Cold wax

Oil mixed with cold wax, a beeswax and resin mixture, allows for the buildup of many layers, creating an extraordinary richness, visual depth and beautiful transparency. It is in the building up and then scraping back of these layers that a complex history of experience and meaning emerges that I find very satisfying in my work. I find the process to be a metaphor for living, with all of our experiences informing who we are – unique and perfectly imperfect.

Exploring Mixed Media

Working in mixed media provides the opportunity to build a rich history using a fusion of paint, fabric, newspaper and other found papers, as some elements recede into the background while others are built on top. I find mixed media to be wonderfully spontaneous, generating beautiful and complex textures as the paint and collage elements are layered and then sanded or scraped back again and again. 

202010 Never Coming Back Acrylic 12x12%2

Cape Cod, Massachusetts