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Beth loved her painting.jpg

“I am so fortunate to own not one, but three Povey originals. All three pieces bring nature and happiness into our home. In addition, it is like owning many paintings in one because of the way the pieces change during the day with the changing light. I feel a sense of calm and centering when I look at my pieces.”

Elizabeth Grant

“Through her exploration of the layers that makeup any physical location, Linda manages to capture the underlying energy that connects all living things. I choose to call it consciousness. Whatever one wishes to label it, Linda successfully intuits and brings it to life in her magnificent pieces.”

Hamilton Brower

Furever Home.jpeg

“Linda brings a wealth of empathy, wonder, and connection to her works, resulting in pieces that are totally fresh while at the same time feeling familiar. The visual layers of movement and color continually reveal new depths of meaning, seemingly with each viewing. Our diptych has become an instant heirloom that brings comfort and serenity to a sacred place in our home - we're blessed to have it.”

Tom and Marianne Cozzolino

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